New website, New video, New Album

Hey folks!

Welcome to the new site, the new video, and the new album ‘Coalition’, coming out September. 3rd! This album has been quite the process over the last year. With many delays and decisions, we finally worked it all out. Now, I finally get to share it with all of you and I don’t have to sit on it any longer! Thanks for your patience and support this whole time!

First things first, you have to see this new video! This was my very first ‘official’ music video and it was a blast. I was also nervous as all hell but thankfully I had my partner in crime and sister from another mister, Carmel Mikol, as my friend in the video. We also worked out of my house and in the woods just outside, so it felt super comfortable to be at home. We shot this baby from 4 p.m till 5 a.m for two days straight in June with Caley MacLennan the mastermind, producer, and editor of it all. Check out my facebook page for the whole photo album of the video shoot. Here it is folks! First official video ever…’Never Promised You Nothing’.

A huge thanks to the amazing crew we had for this shoot. Victoria Bouchard, helped us will all the makeup and creepy ghoul costumes and masks. Scott Thorne was shooting it all, trying not to trip over logs in the woods. Pat Campbell was helping with lights and helping Scott not trip. Mike Hall built a set for the ‘falling down of the wall’ scene. Warren Robertson was helping with everything he could. And the ghouls…Allaura Shaw, Rachel Chisholm. We had friends come from down the road to be ghouls in the woods at 4 a.m, Giselle Gillis and Tiffany MacInnis. A small, super hardworking crew and I couldn’t have asked for better people.

In September, I hit the road with some band members for a long haul of touring. I can’t wait to see you guys and show you the new live sound! We are headed across Canada, into a bit of the U.S, and then I’m off to Australia! I’m looking forward to the shows and singing this record at the top of my lungs.

Thank you beyond for all of your support. Feel free to help share the video on facebook and twitter. I appreciate you spreading the word!

See ya soon!