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“Rarely do we encounter an artist this young and so ready. Without a doubt, she is next wave and will soon be in the company of our proudest young women upstarts of this decade: Serena Ryder, Kathleen Edwards, Rose Cousins, Jenn Grant, Hannah Georgas, Lindi Ortega, Basia Bulat and Miss Emily Brown.”
-Paul Symes: Owner/Booker of The Blacksheep Inn”

“… When Kim opens her mouth she lets loose a powerful force pouring out her emotion with a style that has Janis Joplin written all over it….”
- Dan MacDonald, Cape Breton Post

“I hear Kim and it makes me want to listen to every word. She presents her music without apology and with an amazing amount of confidence. I like voices that are unique and are identifiable, and Kim’s voice is that in spades. I hope she is making music for another hundred years.”
- James Keelaghan

“Kim Wempe sings directly from the soul, and the result is incredibly powerful. She instantly draws you in with her voice, and holds you there with the strength of her performance and her songs.”
- Jill Barber

“Kim Wempe is going to be huge. She’s got the heart, she’s got the soul, and she’s got the kind of voice that holds those who hear it tightly…”
- Bill Adams – Ground Control Magazine

“Wempe has a deep, rich voice, and she puts it all into her vocals. Like a gospel singer of old, you can feel her passion in the singing, connecting strongly with the words. That’s because she means it, and wants you to know it. Whether its the brief, a cappella opening Intro, or the rockin’, Staples Singers-like number Go Back, Wempe is thinking of you hearing what’s she’s singing, and wanting you to know the words do mean something. There’s a lot of hard work and thought going into the craft.” - Bob Mersereau – CBC Music Columnist

“May the tides keep to their schedules, bringing us even more of their munificent bounty. Wempe has only just begun to blend her colours.” - Roots Music Canada

“What makes Painting With Tides so enjoyable is that Wempe is an honest songwriter who sings from the soul with music that taps into the inner workings of the human condition – you can’t help but feel connected to every nuance and word. Simply put, a full-length masterpiece. Now it is time for the rest of Canada to catch-up.” – Stage Door Music Reviews

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2014 Nominated for Female Recording of the Year – Music Nova Scotia Awards
2014 Nominated for Pop Recording of the Year – Music Nova Scotia Awards
2014 Nominated for Fan’s Choice Video of the Year – East Coast Music Awards
2014 Nominated for Pop Recording of the Year – East Coast Music Awards
2011 Semi-finalist for ‘Chameleon’ in the International Songwriting Competition
2011 Nominated for Female Artist Recording of the Year – Music Nova Scotia Awards
2011 Nominated for Folk Recording of the Year – Music Nova Scotia Awards
2011 Nominated for Female Solo Recording of the Year – East Coast Music Awards
2010 Awarded Rising Star of the Year – East Coast Music Awards
2010 Nominated for Female Solo Recording of the Year – East Coast Music Awards
2009 Folk Recording of the Year – Nova Scotia Music Awards
2009 Semi-finalist for ‘Oh Heart’ in the International Songwriting Competition

A powerful performer with an undeniable stage presence, Kim Wempe has been tearing up highways and stomping her way across every stage in the country. Some say her vocals are haunting & smokey while others insist she is the child of Janis Joplin & sister of Adele. This Canadian artist has earned herself an East Coast Music Award in Canada for Rising Star of the Year as well as multiple nominations for Female Artist of the year, Pop Recording of the Year, and Folk Recording of the Year. Her new album ‘Coalition’, is a big bold leap into a new sound that puts her vocals in the driver’s seat and her spirit in the spotlight.

Born in a small Saskatchewan farming town, Wempe lived in Alberta before finding her true home in Nova Scotia in 2007, where she dove full force into the east coast music scene. Off the strength of her ECMA and Music Nova Scotia award-winning 2009 debut “Where I Need To Be,” Wempe caught the attention of Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift, and Geoff Hilhorst of Deep Dark Woods – all of whom appear on her subsequent release “Painting With Tides.” With producer Charles Austin (Buck 65, Jenn Grant, Tanya Davis) at the helm, it was released in 2010 on GroundSwell Music/Warner Canada and nominated for an ECMA and two Music Nova Scotia Awards. 

Touring consistently in Canada for the past four years, Wempe has peformed alongside Canadian favourites Sam Roberts, Royal Wood, Jill Barber, Jenn Grant, Amelia Curran, Matt Andersen, and Madison Violet. She has showcased at JUNOFest, the Vancouver Olympics, Canadian Music Week and festivals across the East Coast of Canada including the Stan Rogers Folk Festival and Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. In 2013, Wempe’s touring expanded to the U.S and Australia. Now on her second Australian tour, Wempe has had the privilege of performing at the 2013 Woodford Folk Festival, and the opportunity to perform with Wes Carr and Australian legends Diesel & Ian Moss.

Her new album “Coalition” is roots-tinged pop/blues influenced by Americana storytelling and gospel melodies. Produced by Newfoundland soul artist Chris Kirby, the album showcases Wempe’s powerful vocals like never before. Supported by an insistent kick drum, alternative percussion, layered guitars, blues organ, and a gospel choir, Wempe’s voice pulls the weight of every song like an unstoppable train.