Back in Oz!

Well here I am back in Australia for a second tour and so grateful and pumped to be here! I’m excited to play with some Australian legends while I’m here, Diesel & Ian Moss, showcase at AWME in Melbourne, which a 4 day conference of roots music from around the world, and play the Gorgeous Festival in Adelaide!

So far I’ve been doing some writing during the day, having with my friend Alice, drinking ‘flat whites’ (best coffee everrrrr), and checking out some scenery. It hasn’t been too hot yet, but when I get a hot day, I will be taking in every opportunity to jump in the ocean and soak up the sun.

Although I always miss home and friends and family while I’m away, I feel beyond privileged to be able to travel and play music and gain experience from that. I’m makin a pact to live in the moment and just be present, and I am having the best trip ever!

I just finished writing 2 songs this afternoon and now I’m gonna go rehearse for this weekend. Take care everyone and you Canadians..I’ll see you December for rum and egg noggs.

Much love!