Title: New album ‘Coalition’ out today!

Well this day couldn’t come soon enough! Today is the day that I release ‘Coalition’.

Stream the whole album for free all week long on the sidebar of the site and help spread the word on facebook and twitter if you can!

I sat on this album for a year, but I am so glad I was able to take my time with this one! There are so many people to thank. So many people helped make this album! Chris Kirby, Carmel Mikol, Keith Mullins, Jason Mingo, Kev Corbett, Scott Hammond, Codapop Studios, Erien Eady-Ward, Charlie A’Court, Reeny Smith, David Bradshaw, Tim Chaisson, Karla Pilgrim, Terri Lynn Eddy, Renée Batten, Leanne Keane, Groove Den Studios, Mark Geddes, J. LaPointe, Mat Dunlap, Scott Blackburn, my family, FACTOR, NOBL, Tuck and Roll Productions & Meghan Scott, all of you who pre ordered, and the list goes on and on and on and on!!!

Coming up, I head out on a national album release tour across Canada, and then to Australia. All dates are to the right and more information on the shows page. Any help spreading the word about the upcoming shows is greatly appreciated folks!

Tonight I’ll celebrate the release of ‘Coalition’ with my good friend Carmel Mikol in Vermont. We’ll open up a bottle of wine and sit by a bonfire. Cheers folks! Thanks beyond for all your support. You’ll never know how much it means.

Hope to see ya soon,